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Lyro AI Chatbot

Win up to 70% of your team’s time back with Lyro AI Chatbot

Automatically answer common questions and perform recurring tasks so your team can focus on growing your business.

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Lyro - AI Chatbot

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Lyro - AI Chatbot

Always available

Lyro - AI Chatbot

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Lyro - AI Chatbot

Always available

Lyro - AI Chatbot

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Lyro - AI Chatbot

Always available

Trusted by 300,000+ businesses:

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Meet Lyro - The AI Chatbot that wins time for your team

Multiplatform & multilingual

Answer any question, on any live communication channel, in dozens of languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese.

Reduce repetitive questions by up to 70%

Eliminate repetitive questions from your team’s workload. Answer up to 70% of customer inquiries with human-like conversations in an instant. While traditional teams have an average response time of 2 minutes, Lyro answers questions in under 6 seconds.

Make Lyro your long-time partner

Lyro evolves as your business grows. Feed Lyro with knowledge and assign it more tasks as your company develops so the AI can manage more of your business needs.


Lyro is a conversational AI that talks to your customers and answers their questions using only your support content.

Simplify your day with Lyro Tasks

Free your team from routine assignments. Lyro performs recurrent tasks for you, such as checking order statuses, creating tickets, and more.

Slash your first response times

Lyro provides assistance to multiple customers at once, allowing your team to address all inquires in a timely manner, even during demand spikes.

See Lyro in action

Experience Lyro’s ability to answer your questions using public support content. See how it works with one of the demo chatbots below.

See Lyro in action!See Lyro in action!
elegant suits on stands

of visitors don’t request transfer to a human agent


decrease in the average response time

Daniel Reid

The number one thing that has grown our business is offering that customer service experience the rest of the market has not been able to do.

Daniel Reid

Co-founder and CEO @ Suitor

You’re always in control Lyro works only with the knowledge you provide

Simple, configurable setup

Add Lyro to your website with a few clicks. Share links to your support content to feed it with your data, and the AI will start answering customers.

Take over conversations whenever you want

Oversee Lyro’s conversations in real-time. Jump into ongoing conversations and provide your own answers to customer questions whenever you want. Lyro also sends you notifications whenever customers want to talk to a real person, so your team can fill in its blind spots.

Works solely with your data

Lyro provides customers with detailed responses based solely on your support content, minimizing the probability of wrong answers.

You’re in charge of all customer interactions

Monitor and improve

The more you use Lyro, the better it becomes. Review the AI chatbot’s performance and update its knowledge base to improve it.

Understand customer experience with analytics

See how well Lyro performs in real-time. Get insights on how your audience interacts with the AI chatbot so you can tailor it to meet user expectations and improve customer satisfaction.

Save time and money with affordable AI

Try it out for free

See Lyro in action on your own website. Test our AI agent with 50 free conversations - no credit card required.

10x cheaper than human support

Unlock the best prices and conversation limits with Tidio+. Solve customer problems starting at $0.5 per conversation.

Unlimited replies per customer

Lyro can answer multiple questions per conversation. Customers who resume chats don’t affect your monthly limit.

Start solving customer problems in minutes with a simple setup


Feed Lyro with your support content

support content


Lyro answers customer questions using only your content

lyro answers


Monitor Lyro’s performance and improve its responses with additional knowledge

lyro performance

The AI support agent you can count on

Lyro conversation
1-second handoff for smooth customer experiences

Lyro AI notifies your agents when customers want to talk to a real person, so you can create frictionless experiences.

Lyro answer
Improve customer loyalty with human-like, professional responses

Lyro offers on-brand replies, just like a human agent. Adjust the AI’s behavior and knowledge base to match your guidelines.

Lyro options
Part of an all-in-one customer service suite

Tidio is a leading customer service software provider with 10+ years of experience. Lyro is our latest AI-based chatbot. The chatbot works seamlessly with our other tools.

Lyro AI
The most reliable AI agent on the market

We built Lyro using Claude (Anthropic AI) and our in-house models. Lyro uses best practices for data handling and retention, ensuring that your data is safe at all times.

Görkem Öğüt

“We needed the most sustainable and efficient way to manage the traffic and improve customer satisfaction. So we implemented Tidio Flows technology.”

quote sign

Görkem Öğüt

CEO & Founding Partner of Endeksa

Lorenzo Colucci

“We were searching for something that would give us the possibility to use automations as well as human interactions — and Tidio was the best solution for that.”

quote sign

Lorenzo Colucci

Co-founder and CMO @ Ad Hoc Atelier

Ad Hoc Atelier
Gabriele Scarcella

“My main goal was to find an easy-to-teach app that comprehended all the tasks needed for our customer service. Tidio, from the beginning, was the perfect one.”

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Gabriele Scarcella

Ecommerce Manager at Procosmet Italy

Procosmet Italy

Frequently asked questions

Common questions about Lyro, the AI chatbot

How is Lyro more powerful than Tidio’s Flows?


  • Exclusive to Tidio users
  • Are triggered by specific actions and can engage users proactively
  • Follow user-defined rules and scripts to answer customer questions
  • Perfect for answering simple, pre-defined questions.


  • Available on Tidio. Can also be integrated with other customer service tools.
  • Learns from your support content and then uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to understand questions and provide the appropriate answer.
  • Understands the intent behind customer questions and uses solely your support content to generate personalized responses.
  • Is not restricted to pre-defined questions. Lyro can answer complex questions in a human-like manner based on your support content.   Keep in mind that you don’t have to choose between Lyro and Flows. You can use both solutions at the same time to provide exceptional service to your customers.

Are you using ChatGPT to power Lyro?

No, we are not. We use Claude (Anthropic AI) and our in-house models to power Lyro. We use Claude because this Large Language Model (LLM) has been developed with the goal of becoming helpful, honest, and harmless - making it the most trustworthy LLM on the market.

Why shouldn’t I simply use ChatGPT for customer service?


  • Role - Designed for general conversation, small tasks and entertainment
  • How it works - Interprets massive sets of data it has learned during its training process
  • Efficiency - Generally efficient for broad conversations, but may produce low-quality or wrong answers when asked for details


  • Role -Designed to provide customer service and support
  • How it works - Interprets only your data to generate its responses
  • Efficiency - Provides detailed responses based exclusively on your support content, minimizing the probability of wrong answers

Is Lyro free?

No. Every Tidio account starts with 50 Lyro conversations for free, and all users can access better limits with our paid Lyro plan.

Is Lyro available for all Tidio users?

Lyro is not available to businesses operating in certain industries, such as medical & healthcare, gambling, investing, weapons & ammunition, and several others.

What is a Lyro conversation?

A Lyro conversation is a customer interaction that has at least one reply from our AI chatbot.   Even if Lyro replies a dozen times or more to solve the customer’s problem, or if the customer leaves the website and returns to the chat at a later time, that still counts as a single conversation.

When will my Lyro conversation limit refresh?

Every Tidio account starts with 50 Lyro conversations, but the limit does not refresh for free. You can access higher Lyro conversation limits with our Lyro plan.   If you’re using the Lyro plan, your limit refreshes 30 days from the moment you made the payment.

How much does Lyro cost?

Your first 50 Lyro conversations are free. You can access more conversations with the Lyro plan:

  • 50 conversations - $39

  • 100 conversations - $75

  • 150 conversations - $110

  • 200 conversations - $140

Can I use more than 200 Lyro conversations per month?

Yes. Contact us to access custom Lyro conversation limits.

What is Lyro Connect?

Lyro Connect is Tidio’s newest feature. We know that switching from one customer service system to another can be difficult and we wanted to make it easy for you to use AI for support.   That’s why we upgraded Lyro - our AI chatbot - so you can add it as an extension to your existing customer service software.   This way, you can use Lyro to provide AI assistance without having to go through the hassle of changing platforms.

How much does Lyro Connect cost?

Lyro Connect is available only with a personalized Tidio+ subscription. A Lyro conversation starts from $0.5. Our sales representative will explain the pricing structure during your demo call.

How does Lyro Connect work?

Lyro Connect enables you to access Lyro without changing your support platform. Here’s how it works:

  • Integrate Lyro with your existing support solution through Lyro Connect

  • Share your support content with Lyro and activate it

  • Lyro uses your support content to formulate its answers and provide personalized assistance to multiple customers at once

  • If a customer asks a question that’s outside Lyro’s knowledge, the AI chatbot creates a ticket in your support solution so a real agent can answer

Is Lyro secure for my data?

Yes. We use Claude (Anthropic AI) to power Lyro. Claude is the most secure LLM on the market right now. It uses best practices for data handling and retention.

How can Lyro answer customer questions without any training and with one-click activation?

Lyro automatically scrapes your support content and uses it as its knowledge base. If the required information is part of your support content, Lyro will answer the customer’s question. If the answer is not part of your support content, Lyro will automatically forward the question to a human agent.

What are the benefits of Lyro?

  • Increase customer satisfaction: Tidio’s Lyro analyzes customer questions and delivers human-like answers in seconds. This enables your customers to receive the information they need 24/7, increasing their satisfaction.
  • Increase your support team’s efficiency: Lyro detects and answers questions about order status, shipping policies, product availability, and more, within seconds. This frees up your operators to focus on complex or profitable issues so you can make your business more profitable.
  • Scalable solution: Lyro learns new answers as your business grows and your needs change. The AI chatbot learns new information as you expand your knowledge base, so it can create new automated workflows as opportunities arise.

Is Lyro effective?

Yes, it is - our support team automated 58% of customer questions using it, and we have a complex product. Some users have even better results, automating 70% of inquiries.   And its machine-learning algorithm makes it more effective over time. Lyro measures the helpfulness of its answers after customer interactions. Then, Lyro uses the data to adapt to incoming questions.   You can also help Lyro get even more accurate over time by assessing its performance and providing it with more FAQ content to fill in its blind spots. This enables Lyro to answer more questions, reducing your customers’ waiting time even further.

Do you offer any other AI features?

Tidio offers multiple AI features besides Lyro. Explore Tidio AI here.

Is Lyro easy to use?

Yes, Lyro is easy to set up and use. In addition, you can learn how to get the most out of the AI chatbot with our free course Empowered Customer Service with Lyro AI Chatbot. This is a self-paced course that takes about one hour to complete.

Solve up to 70% of customer problems in seconds with Lyro AI

Simplify your customer service so your team can focus on growing your business.

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