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eye-oo Boosts Revenue by €177K After Installing Tidio

by Beata Stefanowicz·Updated

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Creating a distinct and captivating experience for customers is a top priority for eye-oo. But with growing traffic, it started to become difficult to always be there for the shoppers during their journey. 

That’s why the business turned to Tidio for help. 

Tidio enabled eye-oo to interact with customers in real-time, boost engagement, and make assistance more accessible for buyers. On top of that, eye-oo discovered how to to quantify conversions on autopilot, in a user-friendly manner.

Let’s find out more about the results this eyewear multi-brand ecommerce business achieved using Tidio.

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eye OOO Co-founders image

Information about the company:

  • Industry: ecommerce
  • Started year: 2020
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Tidio products used: live chat, chat flows, and analytics

eye-oo is a multi-brand platform that offers the latest models from sought-after fashion brands, as well as unique eyewear from upcoming designers. 

Everyone is sure to find their perfect pair of glasses on this website, including anything from bestsellers like Ray-ban and Oakley, through the latest designs from Balenciaga, Gucci, and Saint Laurent, all the way to handcrafted, limited edition pieces from Jacques Marie Mage.

This ecommerce business pays high attention to ensuring quality craftsmanship, due care, and accuracy in all processes from purchasing to dispatching of products. The brand also offers assistance from qualified professionals in the shopping process to help customers with their eyewear purchases.

The challenges eye-oo faced

The company was using Shopify’s native inbox to chat with customers back in 2020 when it started operating. However, this solution proved to be lacking in terms of aesthetics and user experience when eye-oo received a significant increase in traffic. 

And because trust is a big concern when selling designer eyewear online, the business needed to be able to assist shoppers immediately so as not to lose potential clients.

In addition to that, eye-oo found that the best way to change a prospective customer to a loyal one was by creating a unique and personal eyewear experience. 

We wanted to find a tool that allowed us to curate our customer’s journey by customizing and implementing automations that could respond to shoppers’ questions promptly, guide them through the purchasing process, and ultimately boost sales without losing our personal touch.

Evelin Lopez

Marketing Manager at eye-oo 

The solution to this problem? 

A complete customer experience solution provided by Tidio.

Our main goals were to increase sales, collect leads, and build trust by reducing the number of missed conversations.

Evelin Lopez

Marketing Manager at eye-oo 

So, let’s discover in more detail how Tidio helped eye-oo boost sales and improve customer relations.

Increase in sales

Before using Tidio, eye-oo didn’t have access to any abandoned cart recovery automations which caused them to lose sales. But once the business implemented Tidio and started using shopping cart recovery tools, eye-oo saw a 25% increase in sales and a fivefold boost in conversions.

Since changing to Tidio and implementing the cart abandonment chatbot, we were able to increase the number of conversions. From the 537 conversations the bot managed, it assisted in 1.6k EUR total sales in 2023 alone.

Evelin Lopez

Marketing Manager at eye-oo 

The business measures these results by utilizing key metrics, including revenue, conversion rate, average coupon used, and sales cycle length.

Monitoring these KPIs helps the brand evaluate the effectiveness of the sales efforts, identify areas for optimization, and make data-driven decisions to ensure sustainable business growth.

representation of increase in sales

eye-oo achieved €177K revenue growth attributed to Tidio and chat flows. And if the bot is not able to help a customer during the checkout process, it assists the operators by collecting the user’s information. This allows the operators to analyze the customer’s needs based on the collected data and guide the user with a personalized solution.

Decreased waiting time

While using Shopify chat, the operators were handling all the customer conversations. This means that if they were all busy chatting with shoppers, a new person had to wait around 2-5 minutes for assistance.

This waiting time decreased to around 30 seconds after implementing Tidio.

decreased waiting time image

That’s because the majority of commonly asked questions as well as queries about order updates or returns information are handled by the bots immediately. And the agents are free to focus on higher-impact inquiries and unique situations, such as overcoming a trust barrier or a post-sale delivery issue.

Tidio helped the business preserve crucial sales. The live chat feature helps operators to frequently engage with customers who are in the final stages of the purchasing process and encounter difficulties with checkout or experience issues. The immediate support prevents customers from feeling frustrated and alleviates any anxieties they may have about purchasing on the platform.

By offering prompt and helpful assistance through Tidio's live chat and chat flows features, we have built trust with our customers.

Evelin Lopez

Marketing Manager at eye-oo 

And as we know, happy clients are just a small step away from becoming loyal to a brand.

Improved customer service automation

eye-oo also achieved customer service automation using chat flows from Tidio. The bots take care of the recurring issues and frequently asked questions while the operators handle the more complicated ones.

And chat flows are doing a good job at it. From 2,233 total conversations, they were able to handle 1,825 successfully while acquiring 1,305 leads at the same time.

example of customer service automation

When customers leave a review about their experience with eye-oo, they mention the live chat feature on our website and how they were helped immediately.

Evelin Lopez

Marketing Manager at eye-oo 

On top of that, the setup of the bots is easy and user-friendly. The company made use of the templates and customized them for specific needs, which proved to be the quickest way to implement the virtual assistants on the website.

Focus on personalized experiences to earn loyalty

Through the live chat feature, the operators can address any concerns or questions customers may have, thereby increasing the likelihood of completing a purchase. 

Tidio ensures that operators can engage with customers whenever they have inquiries or need assistance. At the same time, chat flows handle queries during non-business hours, ensuring a cohesive customer journey and round-the-clock availability.

The personal interactions visitors have leave them feeling reassured and enhance the overall shopping experience. In the long run, this leads to improved loyalty and increased revenue for the business.

Overall, Tidio exceeded our expectations! We knew that it had a variety of features to choose from, but did not know how powerful and effective they could be. Tidio has helped us with closing sales, building trust, and quantifying the impact of customer service.

Evelin Lopez

Marketing Manager at eye-oo 

With the right platform, your business can also easily enhance the customer experience and increase revenue as a result. Why not give it a try?

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