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Bella Santé Earns $66K in Sales After Switching to Lyro

by Beata Stefanowicz·Updated

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bella sante results with lyro ai chatbot

Let’s be honest here.

No matter how happy you are about your business growing and how excited you are for each and every customer—

Sometimes, the calls just become too much.

That’s why Bella Santé needed to modernize its customer service and decided to add live chat and AI chatbots to the website. This allowed clients to get their questions answered quickly and efficiently without the need to contact the call center. 

So, after a ton of research into live chat tools, comparing features, and looking through reviews, the company decided to give Tidio a go. The UX was very important in the decision-making, and since Tidio’s tool was easy to learn and checked all the boxes, the software became the winner.

But let’s start from the very beginning— 

The healing power of touch

bella sante's CEO

Information about the company

  • Industry: Med SPA
  • Started year: 1996
  • Size: over 200 staff
  • Country of origin/headquarters: Lexington, MA
  • Tidio products/tactics used: Lyro, live chat

The idea of Bella Santé was born many years ago when the co-founder was just a little girl. Her mother, grandmother, and aunt would go on a girls’ trip with a spa visit on the agenda. She watched the women return home renewed and relaxed. That’s when she understood that you need to take good care of yourself to be able to take better care of those around you. 

So, in 1996, the first Bella Santé spa opened in Lexington, MA. Since then, the clinic has grown exponentially and has become a med spa. The business is now the most awarded day spa in the Greater Boston area. It has three locations and has a variety of relaxation treatments as well as med spa services. 

What sets this brand apart from the overcrowded beauty space is that it can provide medical treatment with a day spa experience. So, you can go in for a clinical reason but still feel you’re in a luxurious, relaxing environment. 

You can find them here:

The challenges Bella Santé faced

There were certain elements regarding customer service that could be more modernized. For example, the company was previously primarily using a classic call center. But the brand had a period when there wasn’t enough staff to accommodate all incoming phone calls. 

They needed something to take the weight off of the representatives and answer questions automatically in real time.

The solution to this problem? 

The brand added a customer experience platform provided by Tidio on top of the existing call center.

Guests today don't always want to call and speak to someone when they just have a simple question. They’d rather try to find the answer on the website by themselves or by using live chat.

Jackelyn Dacanay,

Marketing Director at Bella Santé

So, let’s discover in more detail how Tidio helped Bella Santé modernize customer service.

1. Automating customer service requests

Bella Santé was able to achieve 75% of live chat customer service automation using Lyro, an AI-powered chatbot. 

But what does that actually mean?

Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, Lyro is able to continue learning through user input. Once the support agents uploaded question-answer pairs to the system and pulled hundreds of questions from the FAQ page, Lyro created respective chatbots to respond to each common query in a natural language.

automating customer service requests

Result? Most frequently asked questions are answered on autopilot, customers have their info instantly, and the call queue has diminished. In fact, on average, 75% of FAQs are answered by Lyro, whereas the remaining 25% are transferred to human operators.

I love the data and I love the self-learning kind of aspect of Lyro. We've been able to pull hundreds of questions from our FAQ and continue to have Lyro learn from that information.

Jackelyn Dacanay,

Marketing Director at Bella Santé

2. Boost in leads

In order to get assistance through live chat on Bella Santé’s website, you have to put in your name and email address. This helped to collect more leads quicker and automate the process.

boosting in leads image

Within just six months, the company has gathered 450+ new leads using Tidio’s pre-chat surveys. It has proven to be a great selling tool for the business. These leads can than be nurtured with sales communications and newsletters, as well as offer enticing discounts in order to turn them into customers.

I think that the data and the AI feature were the two things that sold me more than just the ease of use in the UX of the system. So it's the whole package and I think it works together really nicely.

Jackelyn Dacanay,

Marketing Director at Bella Santé

3. Increased sales

Tidio proven its impact during one of the busiest seasons at Bella Santé’s door—the Christmas holidays. That’s because more guests purchase through the website in that season and bots had their time to shine.

The med spa also provided a special offer through the chat that linked to specific product pages and included images with text for higher impact.

And thanks to Tidio’s integration with Shopify, agents were able to see the whole customer journey and customers’ carts so they can ask more specific questions, providing a personalized experience to the user. 

This has helped representatives suggest additional products related to the ones in the shopper’s basket, as well as check in with those who weren’t checking out for a while. By being more proactive, Bella Santé managed to save otherwise abandoned carts and upsell items from the store.

Overall, Tidio helped Bella Santé gain over $66,000 in chatbot-assisted sales. This number includes instances where chatbots were used during the sales process for sending coupon codes, answering questions, and otherwise interacting with the shopper.

increased sales image

I think that linking to the product page but also adding an image and text helped us exponentially during the holiday season. We have really strong website traffic, so it’s really building off of that. I do think that Tidio contributed a lot to our holiday sales.

Jackelyn Dacanay,

Marketing Director at Bella Santé

Personalized experiences 

It’s important for Bella Santé to treat each customer individually and provide them with the best experience. And this begins when a guest enters the website looking for a treatment and doesn’t end until the moment they’ve completed their experience in the spa. 

And Tidio helps them with that. 

It ensures each customer is satisfied with the service and allows the human agents to step in just in time when the client is struggling to make a decision. 

Are you interested in boosting your sales and leads through your website? Why not start today?

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